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I have found a new blog to follow, Knowledge is Necessity: Musings on Mental Health by John McManamy. I think we are up to similar enterprises. John also has another website, McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web, which is to mood disorders what Jerod Poore's Crazy Meds is to neurological pharmaceuticals. Read the blog for musings, the others for information.

Meanwhile, here is the link to "Skunk," John's blow by blow of an encounter between the amygdalas of two mammals, a lesson in the amygdala that is more artful than Mother Amygdala from this blog, July 28, 2009. An added feature is the lesson in how to address the presence of this particular mammal in your house. Enjoy!

And thanks to John for his work.


  1. Many thanks for the shout-out, Willa. Just been reading your pieces, and let me tell you - it's so refreshing and encouraging to encounter someone on a similar mission as me. I very much appreciate what you're doing. I just added your site to my blog roll. Let's keep in touch.


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