How Will You Get Through This Week?

Self care is not my best subject in the best of times. I can establish a routine, get up, eat breakfast, go to work, walk in the afternoon, and so on. I can hang on to good habits, eat a healthy diet, wear amber glasses at night. But that place in the list where I am supposed to do something for myself? Here is how that goes:

    Therapist: What will you do for fun this week?


Okay, so what will YOU do for fun this week? (Clearly, I could use some ideas.)

And now there is this insurrection. How did that word work its way into daily conversation?

After the year from hell, here we are again, discovering even lower circles than Dante anticipated. The world is indeed exceeding the limits of my medication.

But dear reader, I am also thinking of you this week. I want you to be well. Well, as well as you can manage.

Have you made a plan? I think it will help to make a plan.

Here is mine: 

  • I will not go anywhere people gather, not even grocery shopping. We're eating out of the pantry.
  • I will treat myself gently. I have set low expectations for productivity and am moving everything on my to do list to next week. Activity is good. But we'll see how it goes.
  • I will stay in touch with friends. We can gather on Zoom. It has been enormously helpful to me this week to talk with people I love. Remember the people you love, or even like a little bit. Check up on them.
  • I will pray the serenity prayer every day. In the first phrase, "Grant me the serenity to acknowledge what I cannot change," I have been visualizing myself riding the top of a wave. I don't have to engage the wave, which I cannot control. I just have to ride it.
That's the plan. I could probably add some more items. Yeah, I need to put something fun on it. But refer to the second item. This is enough.

Take care of yourself this week. And if you figure out how to have a little fun, let me know.

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