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This week continues the evolution of Prozac Monologues as your resource for reflections and research on the mind, the brain, depression and society.  Evolution -- platypus -- get it?  Okay, have you ever tried to find public domain images that illustrate the concept of evolution?  Besides, I do think these guys are kinda cute.  Is it platypuses or platypi?  The spell check says platypuses.  But the spell check can be idiosyncratic at times.  Anyway, after the last few weeks, I need to lighten up.

In anticipation of next week's post on my summer reading picks, I have added amazon.com widgets to the page.  I already send you to amazon.com regularly by links within my posts.  The widgets allow you to search for related books and other stuff directly from this site. 

So on the left, below Resources, are my recommendations.  I have read them and found them helpful, inspiring, life-saving, whatever.  The tag lines are mine.  On the right, under Labels -- the tag cloud, are Amazon's recommendations, based on what I told them about the blog.  I have not necessarily read them.  So you are on your own.  And for now, to inaugurate the feature, there is a simple Amazon search engine in the top left hand corner.  You can use it to look up your own titles, authors, products.  This widget might find another home at a later date, though I don't think I will send out change of address card at the time.

Another previously existing widget, a list called A Good Read is now on the right under the blog archive and an ad.  These books are also on my I recommend list for the most part.  But the links here take you to blog posts about the titles.

Maybe sometime I will add another widget for the music I put on the site.

This is what amazon.com wants me to tell you: Willa Goodfellow is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. 

Just so you know.  With my other attempt to "monetize" the site, the contract says I can't tell you about it.  This silence has been so successful that I have earned $1.14 since initiating the contract, not enough for them actually to cut me a check.  In any case, I am not expecting the revenue to disqualify me from disability payments, should I ever get disability payments.  I simply seek to serve...

Next week: summer reading picks.

sketch by John Gould in the public domain.


  1. Have you ever tried Wikimedia Commons for public domain images? They have a pretty good selection :)

    I look forward to your reading recommendations. I'm currently revisiting a book called, "Jesus Wept: Where Faith and Depression Meet". I stumbled on it by pure chance in Prairie Lights last fall and ended up reading half of it there, so knew I needed to buy it. I think you might appreciate it. The author is Barbara Crafton.

  2. Hi, Monica -- Yes, I use Wiki Commons a lot. It was the source of my platypi, what Wikipedia served up when I searched on "evolution." I am a strong believer in respecting copyright, by the way. I don't notice many bloggers giving credit, but I do.

    And yes, I have read Jesus Wept. It's better than anything else I have read on faith and depression. -- Though my recommendations won't be of that sort. I'll be going for "bent."

    And by the way, props to you for supporting Prairie Lights.


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