Prozac Monologues Moves to Batshit Crazy Preacher

Advent is the season of spiritual preparation for Christmas. The idea is to slow down, not speed up. Spend some quiet, reflective time. Remember the reason for the season... Honestly, I think about setting up an Advent wreath, that sort of thing. But our candle holders broke. They broke years ago. I guess I'm just not into the candle thing.

Most years, the closest I get to Advent wreaths, calendars, whatever, is a box of twenty-four wee drams of Scotch from Master of Malt. I know, I know, Scotch is not what your psychiatrist recommends for your recovery toolbox. At least it usually take me well past the twelve days of Christmas to finish the thing.

Anyway, this year I found a practice that does spark my imagination, #AdventWord. It is an international community of prayer that you can enter in whatever way appeals to you. There is a daily meditation to read, based on a different word every day. Advent Word, get it? The ones so far this year are tender, deliver, strengthen, earth, rebuild, fellowship, and glory. People post photos on Twitter or Facebook, or scripture passages, or songs inspired by the word. You can get a poster with spaces to color in each day. You can doodle, decorate the word, or draw whatever comes to you. When it's finished, it's supposed to remind you of a stained glass window. The whole project lets you do whatever prayer style works for you.

I used to make gingerbread houses during Advent, (see last week's post). But that got just too hypomanic. Nowadays I write. Writing has long been my primary spiritual practice, especially when I was writing sermons. Today I do so much writing and speaking related to the book, I have taken a break from preaching. But I miss it.

So I started posting a reflection on the word of the day each day at my other blog, BatshitCrazyPreacher. These reflections have been a mashup of my two passions, mental health (or my lack thereof) and my quirky take on things scriptural. Oh, and I post my sketch, too.

Good golly, every day! This activity threatened to replace gingerbread on the hypomanic trigger list. But, hey - not my first rodeo. I know to jettison at least some things when there get to be too many things. That is my rather roundabout invitation to you to check out BatshitCrazyPreacher this season, because that is where I will be doing my thing, instead of here.

While I have your attention, I also invite you to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @WillaGoodfellow. You can also check out other offerings for this AdventWord thing on both, using the hashtag #AdventWord.

Happy Holidays!

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