The Mood Chart Video

I call this video Mood Chart for UltraRapid, Ultradian Cycling Bipolar, with a Touch of PTSD.

To the Therapy Theme Song.

Much more fun than some old DSM code, doncha think?

A family member said, "If you can relate to that song and video, now I know your mind works on a completely different level."  To which I responded, "Then we are making progress."

Yes, this is the inside of my head today.  Someday when it's not, I'll write about mood charts.  Very useful things, mood charts.  A basic tool for recovery.  My favorite is here, also listed among the Resources on Mental Illness over there on the left.

But that's all for this week.  See ya.

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  1. I love this video, I'd seen it before, but also love how you relate to it.

    I'd also like to recommend this program:

    My older brother found it for me a few years ago and I found it especially useful for me during the trial periods of medications. Sometimes having the day-by-day records was helpful in noticing patterns I may not have seen otherwise, etc.


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